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Company Profile

Established in 1992 as a craft industry specializing in wicker furniture making with only 40 employees, in a rented warehouse in Surabaya, We strived to fullfill our clienteles needs of quality product with competitive price and quaranteed delivery time. In the process we were challenged to expand to the stone and wood materials to furnish our client's request for table tops, furniture parts and accessories and furnishing items. In early March of 1996 along with the demand for more production capacity we moved our factory into current location.
Company Information
Office and Showroom Jl Baliwerti 124 - 128 Surabaya 60174, Indonesia
Phone      : ( 62-31 ) 5480527 ( direct ) 5480647, 5480491, 5480492, 5476060.
Fax          : ( 62-31 ) 5480792
Email       : info@prospek-mei.com
Web Site  : www.prospek-mei.com
Factory Address Desa watesnegoro No. 01 RT.01 RW.01
Kecamatan Ngoro, Mojokerto 61385 Indonesia
Director Peter S Tjioe & Fenny Oei Wijaya
Principal Banker Bank Central Asia
Affiliated Company Pefenhil Trading PTE Ltd. Singapore
Registered Trade Mark Galeri MM ( Marble and Meubel Gallery )
Products Main :
Quality furniture and furnishing items, made of : Rattan, Wicker, Stone, Wood, Leather and other Natural elements.
Specializing in :
Antique wicker reproduction , artist's painted items.
Capacity Fourty TEUs ( Twenty Forty Foot Containers )

Work Force

Skilled Workers : +/- 450 persons
Administrators  : +/-    30   persons


Production :
Area      : Total area = +/- 34,000 m2,  Work area : +/- 15,000 m2.
Capabilities : Raw rattan / wicker processing machineries, Wood working machineries, Marble and Granite Machineries, Paint mixing laboratory for artists' work.

Showroom And Design Center :
Galeri MM , Jl. Baliwerti 124 - 128 Surabaya
Our Vision and Mission Create an integrated production facility which will cater to our customer's for quest exclusive furniture and furnishing items made of mostly natural elements with a minimum impact on the green of our ONLY PLANET EARTH, so that our successors will still be able to enjoy at least what we have now or if possible at all, a better ones.


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